Housing Resources

Feel like exploring the rest of the U.S., North America, or the world?  An internship is the perfect opportunity.  Linked below are MANY sources of information about how to find a place to live in your selected area.

  • „  Why not? If you can live in BG, why not anywhere else in the U.S. or world?
  • „  On-Campus, anywhere... We partner with university housing offices anywhere in the U.S. or world.
  •   Free yourself, find someone to sublet your place while completing an internship.
  • „  BFF... Do you have a friend or family member you can move in with for a semester?
  • „  Look-out below! Consider the following links below, designed to help you secure housing…

BE CAREFUL.  As is the case with ANY information found online, search intelligently, check all sources, contact our office with any questions.  These links can lead to wonderful opportunities, just be sure to do your due diligence when searching… housing resources