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While working for an employer, you are representing yourself and BGSU, it's important to be professional.

The links below will educate you on professional practices in business and industry, during an internship or full-time job.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and begin work on-time, leave work when approved.
  • If you are going to arrive late for work, notify your employer immediately.
  • Ask permission if a leave is required during normal working hours for personal appointments (doctor/dentist etc.), in lieu of telling the employer when you will be absent.
  • Be sure to listen carefully to others comments, speak in turn and do not interrupt others.
  • Arrive early, do not leave early.  If you arrive at the meeting start time, you’re late.
  • Research meeting topic ahead of time, bring something to write with and take notes.
  • Do not wait to ask questions after the meeting is over.  State your comment or concern during the meeting.

If you have a question, ask for clarification.  Do not proceed with an action assuming you are correct.


  • Speak to employers, customers and co-workers politely, professionally and respectfully. 
  • Avoid use of slang, profanity and gossip.
  • When leaving messages to voice mail, always leave your name and contact phone #.
  • Do not text, use apps, or talk on your cell phone while at work.
  • Only use your cell phone during employer-approved time periods.


  • Use proper addressing formats, greetings such as Good Afternoon, Sincerely, Thank You, etc.
  • Do not use slang or informal language.  All writing should be formal, professional and polite.
  • Do not use “emoticons” and do not write in all lower-case letters at any time.


  • Use computer and internet for work-related tasks and functions.  Personal use is never permitted.
  • It is not appropriate to wear earphones/headphones/etc. while listening to music or other media unless you are required or permitted to do so.  
  • Follow your employer’s dress code. Do not wear inappropriate or unapproved attire.
  • For out of office meetings or events, ask for appropriate dress requirements. These change depending on the event.
  • Guidelines regarding facial hair and good personal hygiene practice should be followed at all times.
  • Ask your employer for all official information regarding compensation, insurance and all other benefits.  Be sure to acquire all information in writing prior to beginning employment.


The links below provide some additional tips regarding all aspects of finding a job, professional behavior, careers, etc.  Please click on each subject to reveal the video.