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Why are you here at BGSU? 
We answer this question with many resources to help.

  • What career-path to take? 
  • What jobs/internships are available? 
  • What can you do with your area of study? 
  • How do you find a job or internship? 

We help with whatever help you need, and have the business knowledge to be effective.  


"The CBA Career Accelerator finds ways to reach out to students and get them involved in making their future and push them out of their comfort zone. It has helped me receive multiple internship offers and has prepared me for the real world."
--Reid A. Mankowski, Undergraduate, College of Business, Accounting & Finance

"The Career Accelerator at BGSU's College of Business is absolutely phenomenal. Not only do they provide all of the tools for us to prepare for and land internships and jobs, but they help us succeed for life after college in regard to learning how to negotiate our salaries and other great skills. Because of the Career Accelerator, I have a secure job after graduation and feel confident that I will be successful in my career."
-- Jessica Glenn, BGSU Master of Accountancy Program

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