Spotlight Session

EMPLOYER-READY students, ready to network.


Your captive audience of talented Business students is waiting!  A typical session:

  • 35: Average student attendance
  • 60: Average minutes per session
  • 10: Sessions scheduled each semester (Fall & Spring)

Essentially, a Spotlight Session is an hour-long, promotional presentation for you to highlight YOUR company/organization to our talented students (click the additional details below). 

  • Captive audience of students who want to hear your message (as opposed to larger events with distractions)
  • Can require students to bring resumes as “admission ticket”
  • Opportunity to increase your brand recognition with students, increasing your talent pool
  • Able to hand-select potential candidates
  • Advertised to any, or all of our 14 Specializations, according to your specific needs

The basic structure of a session consists of the following, which can be changed/customized in any manner you see fit.

  1. Employer arrives ~15 minutes prior to scheduled start time (typically 5pm).  Can have powerpoint or website to present from on A/V screen, we have computer and projection in the classroom where you will present.
  2. Employer spends ~20-30 minutes presenting about their company, enticing students to become interested as potential employees.  Topics could include, but are not limited to:
    1. Current openings recruiting for (full-time or internships)
    2. Company successes, services, products, competition, future, etc…
    3. Company culture, facilities, etc…
  3. Can provide snacks/beverages, handouts and company swag to help brand/promote.
  4. Allow for Q&A during or after presentation.
  5. Can ask students to fill-out forms, etc. if need be.