Bowling Green State University
March 2017
College of Business
A message from the Dean
Greetings from the College of Business Administration at Bowling Green State University!

The Hatch®, on April 6, is less than a month away, and our nine Hatchlings are busy preparing their business pitches. These students have spent the last ten weeks working closely with alumni mentors to polish and perfect their presentations.

It all comes to a grand finale on April 6, when the Hatchlings pitch their startup ideas to six investors in front of a live audience of more than 1,000 people with Hatch Watch parties throughout the country. The Hatch event is a free event open to the public, however, registration is required to attend. Register here.

New this year is HatchTonight. Similar to ESPN’s GameDay, HatchTonight gives the crowd commentaries about the Hatchlings and makes bold predictions about who might get funded. This live, 30-minute event starts at 5 p.m., before The Hatch, in the Falcon’s Nest of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. HatchTonight does not require registration and is open to the BGSU community, high school students and alumni.

Please join us!

Warm regards,

Dean Ray Braun, '80
Dean Ray Braun

The Hatch
The Hatch® features nine BGSU student entrepreneurs who present their business ideas to alumni investors, vying for funds to launch their businesses. Similar to the popular television show “Shark Tank,” with a Falcon twist, this event is streamed to Hatch Watch parties across the country and to countries throughout the world.
The Hatch Tonight
Right before The Hatch kicks off, HatchTonight introduces the Hatchlings, their ideas and their mentors live in the Falcon’s Nest of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. High school students, the BGSU community and alumni will watch as a panel of analysts discusses each Hatchling’s product, determine who they think will be funded and predict who will receive the Eggy Award!
Hatchling Alumni Success
Elsa Vogel, Former Hatchling
Elsa Vogel ’15 successfully pitched her Pieces of Me proposal to investors in front of a crowd of about 2,000 people. Vogel is now running Pieces of Me from her hometown of Holland, MI. She will be on the panel of analysts for HatchTonight, prior to The Hatch.

“The Hatch made me realize that a concept is one thing, but making it happen is something completely different,” she said. “It was a dose of reality, but it came in such a way that it equipped me with the confidence to go out on my own.”
Fatima Camara, Senior
College of Education and Human Development
10,000 Threads
Mentor - Paul Hooker
Jacob Kielmeyer, Freshman
College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering
Nostalgia - Alzheimer’s Assistance
Mentor - Bruce Fisher
Marharita Tavpash, Freshman
College of Business Administration
Ice Sleeve
Mentor - Laura Jajko
Shannon Ebert, Graduate Student
College of Education and Human Development
Workforce Academy
Mentor - Bob Venzel
Joe Lisa, Sophomore
College of Business Administration
Wearable Charging Device
Mentor - Ed Leedom
Sarah Walter, Senior
College of Business Administration
Medication Dispenser
Mentor - Al Caperna
Andrew Hood, Senior
College of Business Administration
Medication Dispenser
Mentor - Al Caperna
Thomas Moody, Senior
College of Business Administration
Virtual Reality Sales Trainer
Mentor - David Hainline
Cory Thompson, Senior
College of Arts and Sciences
Autism App
Mentor - Steve Zirkel
Albert J. Caperna '76
Chief Executive Officer of Century Marketing Corporation Group
Mentees - Sarah Walter and Andrew Hood
Paul Hooker '75
Owner of SFERRA (Retired)
Mentee - Fatima Camara
Steve Zirkel '84
President and CEO at NCI Building Systems, Inc. (Retired)
Mentee - Cory Thompson
Bruce Fisher '68
Vice President International of Hayward Pool Products Division of Hayward Industries
Mentee - Jacob Kielmeyer
Laura Jajko
President of American Frame Corporation
Mentee - Marharita Tavpash
David Hainline '83
Owner and CEO of CSI DMC
Mentee - Thomas Moody
Edward G. Leedom '89
Senior Vice President at Registered Principal of Harbor Funds
Distributors, Inc.
Mentee - Joe Lisa
Bob Venzel '76, '78
Co-owner of Venzel Communications, Inc.
Mentee - Shannon Ebert
Michelle Drerup '00
Director of Behavioral Sleep Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center
Earle Malm '71
President and CEO of HighMark Capital Management, Inc. (Retired)
Joseph Fisch Jr. '71
President/CEO at United States Beverage
Brian Sokol '82, '84
President and CEO at Enduring Wellness LLC

Mark C. West '90
President at SharedClarity

Matthew Yourkvitch '99
Founding partner, Moore Yourkvitch & Dibo
John Meier '12, who taught in the EMBA program and was a former Hatch mentor, passed away on March 2. He was the original CEO of Libbey Glass and remained there until his retirement in 2011 – the longest-serving CEO for any local publicly held company. John is survived by his wife Amy and two children.