Covid-19 Booking Guidelines

To protect the safety of our students, faculty and staff, the University asks that any gathering, meeting, and/or event be moved to a virtual environment, if at all possible.  Virtual online meetings, conferences or events may be scheduled by University students, faculty and staff using our BGSU affiliation with either Webex, or Zoom.

If this is not possible to meet in a virtual environment, then the following strict guidelines must be adhered to in order for it to take place. 

Permissible on campus, so long as it follows all local, county, and state guidelines which include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical distancing (6 feet) between each attendee at all times,
  • Masks worn by all attendees in indoor space at all times, except while guests are seated to eat or drink. Masks are      encouraged in outdoor space and required if attendees may not be able to maintain physical distancing.
  • An attendee list with contact information is kept by the organizer for up to two weeks (to facilitate contact tracing, if needed), and
  • A request for in-person meetings in reservable space be made with Conference & Event Services (or appropriate facility manager).

Gatherings and/or meetings with more than 10 attendees will be considered an Event and also:

  • Must be reviewed, approved, and scheduled in an approved University location (see list below) based on capacities of each space,
  • Requires the student organization’s President or Advisor OR department’s Manager/Lead (or designee) present at and for the duration of the event. This individual will be responsible for ensuring all guidelines are followed.

Absolutely NO reception type activity (i.e. social in nature with or without food) will be permitted at any gathering/meeting or event.

Note: Events are subject to cancellation should Wood County move to a Level 3 (Red) or Level 4 (Purple) status, per the Ohio Public Health Advisory System.

BGSU Conference & Event Services current venues permitted to hold events are:

  • Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BTSU)
  • Eppler Center (1st Floor Gym & 2nd Floor South Gym)
  • Olscamp Hall (101 Ballroom)
  • Outdoor Athletic Venues & Spaces

Will be permitted on a limited basis, according to the standard BTSU Table Space Policy along with additional guidelines below:

  • All tabling needs to be registered through Conference & Event Services and will only be permitted in limited, designated spaces.
  • Organizations may disperse flyers, giveaways, or pre-packaged items in individual servings by a licensed retailer, so long as anyone handing out such items is wearing gloves to limit the spread of germs.
  • All individuals should wear masks and maintain 6 foot physical distancing from one another whenever possible.
  • Contact should be extremely limited and individuals may not gather together.
  • For outdoor tabling, equipment must be obtained by the individual or organization requesting the space, no equipment will be provided (tent, table, chairs etc.).
  • For indoor tabling, one table and one chair will be provided and only one individual from the tabling organization may be present at a time. Moving tables and chairs is prohibited. Sanitizing supplies will be made available for use by individuals during tabling.

For those meeting or events that must occur in person, the following classrooms may be booked for use by Student Organizations and Departments when available (outside of classes).  

Note: All rooms have Active Learning Classroom (ALC) technology and must be used in the appropriate seating layout. Do Not Move Furniture. The Covid-19 Capacity will be enforced for each classroom and masks must be worn appropriately (covering chin, mouth and nose) at all times.

Type of Classroom: | FS = Fixed Seating | RSBC = Rolling Straight Back Chair | SBC = Straight Back Chair | RTAC = Rolling Tablet Arm Chair | TAC = Tablet Arm Chair | RDC = Rolling Desk Chair|

Building Room # Seat-Type COVID-19 Capacity
Education 114 RSBC 12
Education 115 FS 43
Education 201 RSBC 23
Education 203 FS 18
Education 205 RSBC 9
Education 207 RSBC 22
Education 209 RTAC 20
Education 301 RTAC 20
Education 303 RSBC 16
Education 307 RSBC 12
Education 309 RSBC 20
Education 313 RSBC 12
Education 319 RSBC 18
Education 406 SBC 12
Olscamp Hall 106 RTAC 12
Olscamp Hall 111 FS 56
Olscamp Hall 113 FS 54
Olscamp Hall 115 FS 50
Olscamp Hall 201 RDC 15
Olscamp Hall 203 RTAC 26
Olscamp Hall 208 RSBC 21
Olscamp Hall 219 RSBC 23
Olscamp Hall 221 FS 18
Olscamp Hall 223 RSBC 21
Olscamp Hall 225 RSBC 30

Please contact us with any additional questions.