Request a Presentation

The Office of Title IX is happy to speak with your class, office, department, or student group on a variety of topics related to Title IX. We offer presentations on the topics listed below, but are also eager to tailor a presentation to fit the needs of your audience.

Presentations offered:

"Consent is mandatory." You may have seen this or similar slogans, but what exactly does consent mean? This presentation will cover what constitutes consent for sexual activities, how consent is given and received, and under what conditions an individual has the ability to consent.

This presentation covers initial reporting, intake, and all actions taken as a part of the Title IX investigation process, giving participants an understanding of the BGSU-specific process for Title IX.

You may have seen the "Mandatory Reporter" stickers on doors across campus, but what does it mean to be a mandatory reporter? This presentation is geared towards faculty, staff, and other mandatory reporters at BGSU to help them better understand their obligations to report and how best to assist students in crisis.

What is Title IX? This introduction to policy is perfect for students and other groups wanting to better understand the history, language, and implementation of Title IX in the U.S.

If you are interested in learning more about sexual or intimate partner violence prevention or bystander intervention, the Center for Violence Prevention and Education offers a number of workshops geared towards these topics. You can request a workshop or email for more information.