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Bowling Green State University recognizes the seriousness of sexual offenses and commits itself to preventing such offenses. Students who report the occurrence of a sexual offense are treated with dignity, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.The University Policy on Violence outlines, in full, the University's commitment to a safe environment in which acts of violence are not tolerated.

Sexual assaults that occur on campus can be reported to the BGSU Police by phone at 419-372-2346 or in person at 100 College Park Office Building. Sexual assaults that occur off campus can be reported to Bowling Green City Police by phone at 419-352-2571 or in person at 175 W. Wooster St. or the jurisdiction in which the assault took place. Assaults can also be reported to the Title IX Coordinator by phone at 419-372-8476 or in person at 207 Hayes Hall. Online reporting is available via the Incident Report Form.

Even if the victim does not want to report the assault, many campus officials have a responsibility to anonymously report the crime. Anonymous reports do not contain the name of the victim and will not be followed by an investigation. Instead, only statistical information is forwarded to campus police for use in the University's annual report.

Academic Issues:
Sexual assaults can also affect a victim's academic performance. Students may seek assistance with academic issues through the Office of the Dean of Students at 419.372.2843. The Office of the Dean of Students will work collaboratively with the student's college office.

The Cocoon provides emergency and comprehensive support services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Advocates are available to listen and provide options, empowering survivors from crisis through their journey of healing. Services are available at any time – hours, days, or even years after being victimized. Cocoon advocates can meet survivors at any safe  location to offer assistance, and contact can be by phone only if that is preferred. All services are provided at no cost and are completely confidential. 

Alcohol and Other Substances 
Often times, victims, knowingly or unknowingly, ingest alcohol and other substances prior to being sexually assaulted. In either case, a victim of sexual assault will not be penalized for underage consumption if an assault is reported to the police or the Office of the Dean of Students.

BGSU Student Conduct Program 
If the perpetrator is a student, a victim may utilize the student conduct process, which is the University's system of accountability for students. This course of action is an option even if the victim is not a student and is not choosing to prosecute. The student conduct process can be initiated through the Office of the Dean of Students at 419.372.2843.

Counseling can be an integral part of recovery from a sexual assault. The referral sources listed below include on- and off-campus counseling and advocacy services, as well as The Cocoon The Link Hotline at 419.352.1545.

Housing Issues 
When a sexual assault takes place in a residence hall, a victim may choose or need to relocate. This option can be made available through the Office of Residence Life at 419.372.2011.

Medical Care 
Medical care is recommended after any sexual offense. At a minimum, such care allows for treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In addition, if the assault has taken place within the last 96 hours, an exam can be conducted (known as a rape kit exam) for the purpose of collecting evidence for prosecution. Students may seek medical care at the Falcon Health Center (FHC) during business hours or Wood County Hospital's Emergency Room 24 hours a day. If the student does not want a rape kit completed, the FHC, 419.372.2271, can still treat for STIs and provide emergency contraception. Non-students can go to the Wood County Hospital's Emergency Room for a rape exam if the assault occurred within the last 96 hours. Non-students can also be seen at Planned Parenthood, 1.800.230.7526, or by a private physician for treatment of STIs and pregnancy. However, these providers are unable to conduct rape exams.

A victim has a choice about whether to prosecute or not. Even if a victim initially chooses not to prosecute, it can be helpful to report an assault so that prosecution can be pursued at a later date if the victim chooses to do so. This allows for timely evidence collection and early interviews with the victim and witnesses, and gives more credibility if prosecution is pursued at a later date.

Victim's Compensation 
Sexual assault victims may be eligible for victim's compensation for costs incurred as a result of the crime. More information is available about such compensation through The Cocoon at 419.352.1545.

Local Resources

Confidential Resource: Confidential resources are those campus and community professionals who have the ability to maintain legally protected confidentiality with the individual who shared the information. Confidentiality means that information shared by an individual with a confidential resource cannot be revealed to any other person without express permission of the individual, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. Confidential resources are prohibited from breaking confidentiality unless (1) given permission to do so by the person who disclosed the information; (2) there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others; (3) the conduct involves suspected abuse of a minor under the age of 18; or (4) as otherwise required or permitted by law or court order.  

Non-Confidential Resource: University resources who are not confidential resources as defined above will make every effort to respect and safeguard the privacy of the individuals involved. Privacy means that concerns about Prohibited Conduct will be shared with a limited circle of University employees who need to know only to assist in the assessment, investigation and resolution of the report.

Program Contact
Falcon Health Center
419.372.2271 Provides medical attention and information about sexual health.
BGSU Police Department 419.372.2346 Provides 24-hour campus police protection by fully certified staff of police officers, detectives, and dispatchers.
Counseling Center
419.372.2081 Provides a safe space for discussions and offer walk-ing services (M-F 1:30-4p.m.)
The Cocoon
419.373.1730 Provides 24/7 emergency support services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence.
Drug, Alcohol, and Sexual Offenses Coalition Website 419.372.2011 Provides resources and education for multiple types of abuse.
Office of Residence Life 419.372.2011 Can help provide an engaging, safe and inclusive environment.
Student Legal Services 419.372.2951 Provides legal advice and solutions.
Wellness Connection
419.372.9355 Provides information on sexual health, peer education, and more.
LGBTQ+ Recource Center 419.372.9140 Provides programming, education, and support to the entire BGSU community.
Women's Center 419.372.7227 Provides resources, support, and advocacy for women to maintain a campus climate in which women receive equal access, just treatment, and opportunities.
Office of the Dean of Students
419.372.2843 Report an incident, find emergency services, or campus information.
Division of Student Affairs 419.372.2147 Provides extensive resources and a wide range of programs and services are designed to enhance your connections in and out of the classroom.
Behavioral Connections of Wood County 419.352.5387 Offer a wide variety of mental health and addiction services in Wood County.
Bowling Green Police Department 419.352.2571 Provides 24-hour city police protection by fully certified staff.
Sexual Assault Mock Court Trial 800.656.HOPE (4673) National sexual assault hotline. Free. Confidential. 24/7.
The Link
419-352-1545 24-hour crisis hotline.
Wood County Hospital
419-354-8900 Comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient health services.

State and National Resources

Program: Contact: Description:
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network 800.656.HOPE (4673) National sexual assult hotline. Free. Confidentual. 24/7.
Not Alone Contact Form An online resource center supported by the Office on Violence Against Women.
Know Your IX Learn more about Title IX.
GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project Contact Page Provides free and confidential support and services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer survivors of domestic and sexual violence.
Love Is Respect 1.866.331.9474 Offers support, information and advocacy to young people who have questions or concerns about their dating relationships.
Ohio Sexual Violence Helpline 1-844-OHIO-HELP 24-Hour Confidential Support Hotline.
Military Safe Helpline, Sexual Assult Support of the DOD Community
877-995-5247 24-Hour Confidential, Secure, Worldwide Support Hotline.