WA1T Projects

Welcome to the WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) projects page! Despite the relatively short time we have had since our launch in September of 2015, we have launched a variety of projects that aim to fulfill our initiative's core goals.
Since our launch on campus, WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) has organized multiple panel discussions and speaker events focusing on social justice issues in sport, as part of our “WA1T: Our Voices” series, has created a social media photo campaign for people to take a stand against injustice and discrimination , has launched the WA1T Sporting Day series bringing together two of the most isolated groups on campus (student-athletes and international students), and has held its inaugural WA1T Team 5K Walk/Run attracting more than 200 BGSU community members.

Because one of our core goals is to use sport to create a strong network of partners, collaborators, and supporters to collaboratively create positive social change at BGSU and beyond, WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) often collaborates with its partners in order to create projects that benefit the BGSU and Bowling Green community. For examples of such collaborative efforts, check out the 2016 Women’s History Month celebration or our inaugural “Build the Best BG Week."

While we plan to continue these exciting projects, we are always in the process of developing future projects that reflect our vision and identity statement. Do you have ideas for a future WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) project? Then feel free to contact WA1T President Yannick. We look forward to hearing from you!