Background & Goals

Kickoff: Where did we come from?

With no doubt sport plays a central role in many people’s lives. It is a crucial part of American culture in general and Bowling Green State University campus culture in particular.

Programs have shown that sport can be a powerful weapon in the fight for social change. On American College campuses, however, sport is rarely utilized to address social justice issues.

At BGSU, many Falcons are active advocates of social justice and positive social change. Yet, no program utilizes sport to specifically promote social justice on college campuses – despite the immense potential of sport to break down stereotypes and to create an environment of acceptance and inclusion. We wanted to use this potential at BGSU – which is why we launched WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T), a campus-wide initiative to promote social justice through sport!

Touchdown: Where do we want to be?

The following four core goals guide the work of WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) at BGSU:

  1. Use sport to create a dialogue on social justice issues by highlighting marginalized voices and by creating awareness of social injustice in our community
  2. Use sport to promote friendship between stereotyped groups on campus
  3. Use sport to facilitate an environment that values inclusion, diversity, and acceptance
  4. Use sport to create a strong network of partners, collaborators, and supporters to collaboratively create positive social change at BGSU and beyond