5 Ways to Support WA1T at BGSU

There are many ways to support WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T)! We realize that your time is valuable, so below are five ways to support WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) with different levels of commitment:

  • Like and/or follow WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Be part of the WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) photo campaign
  • Attend one of our WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T) events (e.g. speaker events, panel discussions, or our annual WA1T 5K) 
  • Collaborate on a project
  • Join the team behind WE ARE ONE TEAM (WA1T)! Feel free to meet (y)our team at one of our general meetings. ALL ARE WELCOME!

WA1T at BGSU logo