Student Organizations

The Department of German, Russian and East Asian Languages offers many opportunities for students and faculty who want to be involved with other languages and cultures outside of the classroom. The language clubs are open to all interested students, regardless of major. The honor societies are nationally recognized and have their own membership criteria.

Language and Culture Clubs

Chinese club
German club
Japanese club
Russian club

Delta Phi Alpha

(The National German Honor Society) - Bowling Green's Epsilon Sigma chapter was founded in 1963.

Dobro Slovo National Slavic Honor Society

(The National Slavic Honor Society) - BGSU's chapter is the Gamma Sigma chapter.

A campus chapter was established at Berkeley on 29 October 1926 to recognize academic excellence among students of Slavic languages and cultures. In 1963, the honor society was founded with the help and encouragement of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages. The society recognizes academic excellence in Slavic studies. Since 1963, it has grown steadily in number of chapters and distinguished members.

Applicants to the society must:
  • have an 85% (B+) average in at least two years of coursework in a Slavic language, literature and culture; in the Gamma Sigma chapter this is interpreted to mean at least three years of Russian language study (current course grades may be considered)
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 80% (B)
  • indicate an active and continuing interest in Slavic languages, literatures cultures and/or related fields.

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