Arabic offerings

Our department has reinstated the Arabic language at Bowling Green State University in 2010. The program introduces students to the Arabic alphabet and sound system and continues with essential language functions used and understood across the Arab world. It emphasizes listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and provides context for dialogue and communication in the target language. The main goal is to expose students to the Arabic language and cultures. During the past two years students have had the opportunity to explore and share several cultural topics that relate to their own fields of interest, and they have developed productive dialogue with their classmates and Arab native speakers inside and outside our campus.

Why Study Arabic:

Arabic has been in existence for thousand of years and it is one of the oldest civilizations of many treasures. Learning standard Arabic is a great way to get to know about all 22 Arab countries. Arabic has recently become one of the most important languages around the world and in the United States due to current political events. Learning Arabic is an important experience that is likely to help promote students’ progress in their career and work choices.

Here are few reasons why Arabic is important to study

  • Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken native language worldwide.
  • There is a high demand of Arabic-speakers in the Western world.

There are incentives for learning Arabic

  • Arabic-speaking nations are a fast growing market for trade.
  • Arabic speakers have made significant contributions to world civilization.
  •  The Arab-speaking world has a rich cultural heritage.
  • Knowing Arabic can promote intercultural understanding.
  • Arabic influence is evident in many other languages.
  • The Unites States has an Arab-American minority.