Dr. Nathan Richardson

Dr. Richardson is a Professor of Spanish and currently serves as Chair of the Department of Romance and Classical Studies. He is a specialist in the culture of contemporary Spain with a particular interest in its literature and film. He has written two books on the subject, Postmodern Paletos: Immigration, Globalization, and Nation Building in Fifty Years of Spanish Narrative and Film and Constructing Spain: the Re-Imagination of Space and Place in Narrative and Film 1953-2003. His articles and reviews on related topics have appeared in leading scholarly in-print and online journals. His current interest in innovative story-telling in the Spanish-language novel has taken him back across the Atlantic to rediscover works by contemporary Mexican, Chilean Columbian, and especially Argentinean writers. His recent favorites, in addition to the Spaniards Javier Marías, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Xuan Bello, include Ricardo Piglia, César Aira, Juan José Saer, Roberto Bolaño, Andrés Neuman, Mempo Giardinelli, and Sergio Pitol. He hopes all this research will one day return him to Cortázar and finally Argentina itself, where it all began.

In the meantime, Dr. Richardson happily teaches courses focused on Spain (literature, culture, and civilization), and in the International Studies major at BGSU. His graduate seminars have included courses on the contemporary Spanish novel, the cultural negotiation of nationalisms in Spain, and various courses on Spanish film, including courses that mix theory and analysis with practice.

When not pondering things Spanish, international, or departmental, Dr. Richardson coaches soccer to more than six hundred kids per year in the Bowling Green area, after which he returns home to ‘encourage’ his children to practice the piano. Sometimes they do.

For details on all but the last paragraph, see Dr. Richardson´s cv here.