Usage Policy


The Gish Film Theater welcomes faculty members teaching courses, and students involved with recognized groups on campus, to utilize our facility for film viewing purposes. The following guidelines highlight the steps one must take to reserve the theater for a film showing:

  1. Contact Mark Hain, Associate Curator, for availability information at 372-GISH (4474), 372-0593, or
  2. If the theater is available, the patron then must contact Joe Decker in Classroom Technology Services (372-6993) to arrange for a projectionist;
  3. Once a projectionist has been assigned, the patron contacts Dr. Holden and provides the following information for the Gish Film Theater contract:
    • the faculty or student group leader's name;
    • the course title and number or the officially-recognized group's name;
    • the dates and times approved by the Gish Film Theater and Classroom Technology Services for the showing(s);
    • the estimated number that will be attending the event (the theater can accommodate 168 patrons); and the format of the film (DVD, VHS, 16mm or 35mm);
  4. The faculty member or student group leader will then arrange a time with Dr. Holden to review and sign the Gish Film Theater usage contract. Once the contract is complete, copies are forwarded to the Campus Police, Custodial Services, and Technology Services.

Faculty members teaching film courses may reserve the Gish Film Theater for a standing time throughout the Fall or Spring academic terms. Such reservations must be made one semester in advance.

Faculty or recognized student groups may use the film theater for a film series as well. Films for such showings must be paid for, be copyrighted works for public performance purposes, and must be free to the public. Such reservations must likewise be made one semester in advance.
[Note: Faculty or student groups may use VHS- or DVD-formatted films from personal collections, local video stores or other establishments for assigned classes only. Copyright laws do not permit the showing of such films outside a scheduled class.]

A Gish Film Theater usage fee will be charged any person or group not recognized officially by BGSU as a sanctioned group. Details involving cost can be obtained by calling the theater office.

Questions involving Gish Film Theater usage not addressed herein can be directed to Mark Hain, Associate Curator.

Thank you for your interest in the Gish Film Theater. We encourage your attendance at film events throughout the term. A schedule of these events, which are open to the public and are free of charge, appears on this site and on the Department of Theatre and Film's web site.

The Gish Film Theater is available for film viewing purposes only.
The theater does not have facilities to accommodate performances or speaking engagements unless speaking engagements involve the screening of a film.