Advisory Committee

Gish Film Theater and Gallery
National Advisory Committee


Eva Marie Saint
James Frasher

Mary Lea Bandy
Cynthia Baron
Eileen Bowser
Dwight Burlingame
Susan N. Daniels
Phyllis Diller
Linda S. Dobb
William Eells
Robert Gitt
Jeffrey Hayden
Lauren Hutton
Fay Kanin
Mike Kaplan
Marcia Sloan Latta
Jeanne Moreau
Stuart Oderman
James Patterson
Anthony Slide
George Stevens Jr.
Linda Swaisgood
Lily Tomlin
Jane Wagner
Jan Wahl
Esther Williams

In Memoriam

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Helen Hayes
Michael Kanin
James MacArthur
Roddy McDowall
Colleen Moore
Maureen O’Sullivan
Charles “Buddy” Rogers
Martha Scott
Herb Sterne
Irene Worth

Frederic N. Honneffer, preservationist

Inquiries about the Gish Film Theater and Gallery may be sent to:

Ralph Haven Wolfe, curator 

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