Humanities Troupe

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We use theatrical tools to stimulate thought, provoke dialogue and promote change by examining values, differences and human experience in ways that are supportive and conducive to learning. 

The Humanities Troupe was re-established in 2005 as a university wide initiative, and created by faculty in the Department of Theatre & Film, with the support of the Diversity Liaison Committee, the Humanities Troupe now operates on an adhoc basis. Housed in the Department of Theatre and Film, the Humanities Troupe is a group of graduate and undergraduate students who, with the guidance of director and faculty adviser Emily Aguilar, present performances on vital topics to various populations. Values and differences are vital to a broad spectrum of the population, yet each group has its own particular needs and concerns.  Our focus is on the concerns of the students, faculty and staff at Bowling Green State University as well as issues of concern to the broader community.

The Humanities Troupe presents a number of topics to audiences, including:


Sexual Harassment

Suicide Prevention

Body Image

Generation Gaps and Issues of Age

Religious Tolerance

Sexual Orientation

Gender and Transgender Issues

Ableism - Disability

Privilege and Socioeconomic Differences