John H. Boman

Assistant Professor of Sociology

  • PhD, Criminology, University of Florida
  • MA, Criminology, University of Florida
  • BA, Sociology & Criminology, Ohio University
  • BA, History, Ohio University

Curriculum Vitae

John Boman received his PhD in Criminology from the University of Florida in 2013 and joined the Bowling Green State University faculty in 2017. Trained in theory, policy, and quantitative methods, his research interests focus primarily on the ways through which interpersonal connections influence deviant behavior, crime, and substance use over the life-course. His research places a particular emphasis on how peers and friends impact an individual’s participation in criminal behavior. Some of John’s current and past projects investigate how friends can influence crime during reentry, friendship quality, substance abuse, construct validation and measurement, and the social costs of energy production and how it relates to crime.