News & Events 2013

The BGSU Department of Sociology's research, disseminated as working papers, publications, and presentations, often garners media attention. Additionally, faculty, students, and staff participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars across the country, sharing policy-relevant research on American families with practitioners, fellow researchers, and policymakers.
Manning finds percentage of persons living alone has doubled since 1960 from 13 to 27%
Stykes, Manning, and Brown's research published in Demographic Research
Brown finds slight uptick in childlessness among married women
Manning notes "fertility rates decline after every economic downturn"
Lin research finds ..." one in three baby boomers was unmarried and the vast majority of them either divorced or never married"
Dr. Wendy D. Manning Leads Amicus Briefs Supporting Lawsuits to Overturn Gay Marriage Ban
"Researchers at Bowling Green warn that the rising divorce rate among older Americans has serious implications that go well beyond the couple themselves." -- Brown and Lin
Dr. Ray Swisher Attends White House Research Conference
This August 20th, Dr. Ray Swisher will attend a White House Office of Public Engagement conference event, entitled "Parental Incarceration in the United States: Bringing Together Research and Policy to Reduce Collateral Costs for Children," co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and American Bar Foundation. This mixed audience conference brings researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together to explore the era of mass incarceration and child well-being. Dr. Swisher's research shows that parental incarceration is associated with greater depression and delinquency among children, but among children experiencing family sexual abuse, incarceration can be protective.
Dr. Al DeMaris Publishes New Statistical Manual Designed for Physicians
Dr. Al DeMaris published a 2013 Springer book with Steven H. Selman (Chairman of the Department of Urology at the University of Toledo Medical Center) entitled "Converting Data into Evidence: A Statistics Primer for the Medical Practitioner." This volume is designed to help physicians learn statistics in such a way that they will have greater fluency and understanding, as they read published research in their own speciality journals. The volume uses 30 publications in the medical literature to make statistics and methodological design transparent and accessible for physicians trying to keep up with their literatures and assess basic mechanisms and efficacy of medical treatments. His approach uses his own simplicity and ease to help them read for the validity and significance of the findings.
Drs. Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin earn 2012 IPUMS Research Award
Drs. Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin earned the 2012 IPUMS Research Award for their article, "Unmarried Boomers Confront Old Age: A National Portrait," in The Gerontologist, 2012, 52, 153-165. This prestigious award honors outstanding research which uses the IPUMS-USA/CPS, IPUMS-International, or IHIS data to explore economic, social, or demographic processes. Their research on the changing union contexts among aging baby boomers contributes widely to basic research, public policy, and social commentary.
Department Celebrates Major Achievements As Spring Semester 2013 Draws to a Close
The BGSU Board of Trustees celebrated the promotion and tenure to Associate Professor of our own Dr. Jorge Chavez. The Board of Trustees also voted to appoint Dr. Wendy Manning as a Distinguished Research Professor. Earlier this week, Drs. Swisher, Kuhl and Chavez learned that their R15 application received funding. And soon, after 17 years as our Chair, Dr. Gary Lee will step down and Dr. Susan Brown will become our new Chair. Here is a photo from a reception celebrating Dr. Manning's achievement hosted by Drs. Peggy Giordano and Ted Groat. Notice the two Distinguished Research Professors sitting side-by-side!
Dr. Wendy Manning Appointed Distinguished Research Professor
Professor Wendy Manning was appointed a Distinguished Research Professor in honor of her extraordinary contributions to science and the outstanding national and international recognition she brings to BGSU through her research accomplishments. During her career, she has published prolifically in family demography, and founded two national research centers, garnering over $15 million in research grants. Pictures soon to follow from a celebratory reception held by Dr. Peggy Giordano, Distinguished Research Professor. Details...
Dr. Wendy Manning lead's ASA's review of family structure and children's well-being research for Amicus Brief Filed with U.S. Supreme Court in Same-Sex Marriage Cases
Professor Manning, Director of the Center for Family & Demographic Research (CFDR) and Co-Director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research (NCFMR) led an American Sociological Association (ASA) examination of social science evidence about children's well-being in same-sex and heterosexual parenting relationships. The ASA's review of the literature finds that children fare as well in both types of relationships and thus unsubstantiated fears about same-sex parenting do not justify upholding DOMA and Proposition 8. The ASA's amicus brief was filed February 28, 2013.
Research by Susan Brown and I-Fen Lin on rising gray divorce and singlehood among Baby Boomers continues to receive national media attention
The pair's findings were discussed on CBS This Morning and Brown was quoted in articles in the Chicago Tribune and USA Today, the week of February 25th, 2013. Their work was also featured in the New York Post, BusinessInsider, CBS MarketWatch, and Fox Business throughout February.
Drs. Heidi Lyons, Peggy Giordano, Wendy Manning and Monica Longmore Earn Hugo G. Biegel Award
Former graduate student, Heidi Lyons, and her BGSU colleagues, earned the 2011 Hugo G. Biegel Award for her paper "Identity, Peer Relationships, and Adolescent Girls' Sexual Behavior: An Exploration of the Contemporary Double Standard." Journal of Sex Research 48(5): 437-449. This award recognizes the outstanding paper of the year published in this journal. In both 1997 and 2009, Al DeMaris earned this prestigious award.