58th Annual Faculty/Staff Exhibition


December 6, 2008 through January 18, 2009


Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery

(exhibit closed Dec. 17-Jan. 12)

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Arts Xtravaganza & Opening Reception: 53rd Annual Faculty/Staff Exhibition


December 5, 2008

Where: Fine Arts Center

This sparkling event will showcase the talents of student and faculty artists, musicians, dancers, thespians,and writers in a not-to-be-missed carnival of talent. Discover the artwork, sales and demonstrations that will fill every room and hallway of the Fine Arts Center. Start your holiday season with this spectacular celebration of the arts. Admission is free, and all are welcome!

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Charles Lakofsky: Ohio Modernist Master


November 15 through December 14, 2008


Where: Willard Wankelman Gallery

Ceramics by a revered BGSU professor who taught for more than three decades, and who left a legacy of craftsmanship that earned him national recognition.

Opening Events on Saturday, November 15: 
3-4 pm: A Major & Lasting Contribution to the Field: Charlie's Students and Friends
4-5 pm: Curator's Talk: Mark Bassett, Charles Lakofsky: Ohio Modernist Master, 204 Fine Arts
5-7 pm: Opening Reception

(exhibit closed Nov. 26-Dec. 1)


Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Graphic Language: The Art of the Comic Book


October 25 through November 19, 2008


Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery

The Cold War, Civil Rights, 60's counterculture, and the punk, feminist, gay rights, and postmodern art movements have all shown up in comic books. This exhibit will highlight works by contemporary "indie" graphic novelists, who focus on lively cultural issues, as well as some of their predecessors. The artists include both established and up-and-coming luminaries such as Will Eisner, Jessica Abel, Svetlana Chmakova, Howard Cruse, Jamal Igle, Hope Larson, Scott McCloud, Brian O'Malley, Kean Soo, James Sturm and more.

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Grand Opening Celebration: The Giving of Beauty: Highlights of the FAC Galleries Collections


September 25, 2008

Where: Gallery Lobby

Join us for a look at some of the remarkable artwork that has been donated to the FAC - the opening display in our spectacular new gallery foyer.

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 

Perfect with Pixel


September 9 through October 5, 2008


Where: Dorothy Uber Gallery


When people discuss the use of digital technology in the realm of art, it is often dominated by the critique against the missing physical "mark" of the artist. There are also discussions about the authorship of the artist, the lack of physicality and the absence of the "aura" in the work. While some argue that digital technology is detrimental to traditional art methods, others argue that it is another tool that not only offers many more options, but also has an aesthetic unique to itself. There are also some who believe that while digital and traditional media have individual potentials, the combination of both media to create successful works of art is an obvious future. 

The exhibition "Perfect with Pixel" shows works of art that further this discussion and that integrate traditional media (print, painting, drawing and photography) with the digital medium as an integral part of its creation.

Shaurya Kumar, Curator

September 12, 2008

ARTalks: Ex Machine: A Brief History of Generative Art, Debora Wood 
7:00 pm, 204 Fine Arts Center 
8:00 pm, Reception, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery 

Debora Wood is the Senior Curator at the Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL


Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan, Gallery Director 


V3: Variations in Vision & Video: Recent Work by Jud Yalkut


August 30 through October 25, 2008

Where: Willard Wankelman Gallery

"... Yalkut continues to explore the theme of inner contemplation in 'Vision Cantos' (2000), his most recent video installation, whose title reflects the breaking down of boundaries among disciplines ... the viewer is encouraged to perceive the projected image as a total experience." - Chrissie Iles, Curator, The Whitney Museum of American Art

A six-time recipient of Individual Artist Fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and three OAC Artists Project grants, Yalkut was also awarded a Writing-in-Media grant from the New York State Council on the Arts for his book-length manuscript Electronic Zen. A solo retrospective, "Dream Reels: VideoFilms and Environments by Jud Yalkut" was held at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York in 2000. 

Yalkut will exhibit a new installation created for this exhibition, as well as Vision Cantos and a new series of collages.

Friday, September 5

ARTalks: Jud Yalkut, Variations in Vision and Video
7:00 pm, 204 Fine Arts Center 
8:00 pm, Artist's Reception:
Jud Yalkut. Willard Wankelman Gallery


Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 




July 18 through July 27, 2008

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries


This first annual summer community art exhibition will enhance experiential learning opportunities for students, enrich community life, develop an opportunity for creative activity, provide an entry connection with audiences, artists and potential students and expand the University's engagement with the local community.

Open to anyone age 16 and older living in 11 northwest Ohio counties, with a modest entry fee of $15-20 per 3 works, this show is modeled on the Cleveland State "People's Art Show", where all work submitted is hung. Professional jurors will award cash prizes if sufficient funding is secured. An opportunity for visitors to vote for a 'popular choice' award will be offered. Planning and staffing will be accomplished by an undergraduate arts management service-learning class, student interns, and volunteers.

Prospectus and additional information is available online.


Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


MFA Thesis Exhibition II


April 26 through May 3, 2008

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries

Opening Reception
Friday, April 25, 7-9p.m.

In these final exhibitions for graduating BGSU Fine Arts students at the Master level, the quality, craftsmanship and inventiveness exhibited are ample testimony to the excellence of BGSU's art program.


Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


MFA Thesis Exhibition I


April 12 through April 19, 2008


Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries.

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 11, 7-9p.m.

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


BFA Senior Thesis Exhibition


March 16 through April 2, 2008

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan, Willard Wankelman and Bowen-Thompson Student Union Galleries.

Opening Reception at all three venues: Saturday March 15, 7-9:30 p.m. 
The 2008 BFA Exhibition Prospectus is available on-line (pdf).

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Annual Undergraduate Art & Design Exhibition


February 12, 2008 through March 1, 2007

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries.

A juried selection of art in all media by freshman, sophomore and junior students in the BGSU School of Art. 

Opening Reception: Sunday, February 10, 2-4 p.m. 

Open Monday, February 20 for Presidents Day

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Undergraduate Art and Design Exhibition


February 10 through February 27, 2008

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries

Opening reception:
Sunday,February 10 from 2-4 p.m. 
The 2008 Undergraduate Student Art Exhibition Prospectus is available in the ARC and on-line(pdf).

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Arts Extravaganza


December 7, 2007

Where: Fine Arts Center

Featuring demonstrations, studio tours, student art displays and sales, School of Art Faculty Exhibition, and various other activities!

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan 


Annual Faculty/Staff Exhibition


December 1, 2007 through January 16, 2008

Where: Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery

Opening Reception Friday November 30, 7-9 pm.
Special event for Day Without Art for the Aids Crisis on December 1

Contact: Jacqueline S. Nathan