Tentative Degree Program

No later than the end of the first semester in residence, all students must file a Tentative Degree Program (TDP) form with the Graduate Coordinator, who then submits the form to the Graduate College. Completed in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and the Review Committee Chair, the document lists the student's proposed schedule for meeting the requirements of their chosen degree. By completing and signing the form, a student is indicating that they understand all degree requirements. A student cannot be approved for graduation unless the TDP form is on file with the Graduate College.

Students should keep a copy of the TDP and consult it prior to registration each semester. It is expected that students will take only those courses listed on the original TDP. However, as a student's program of study evolves, they may elect alternative courses. In this case, an "Addendum to Tentative Degree Program" must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator, listing any proposed amendments.

Obtain digital copies of the TDP form at the Graduate College Documents and Forms Page