Programs and Activities

  • Study abroad information
  • Weekly to Monthly Cooking Nights (We have a full kitchen downstairs!)
  • Spanish Karaoke Nights; These are So Fun!
  • Cultural presentations
  • Tutorías (provided by El Club de Español)
  • Movie Nights
  • Volunteer opportunities


Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m. in La Comunidad, Kohl Hall
Come to get help on homework, preparation for tests, essays and speaking. Or come as a tutor and help with homework, tests, essays, and practice your speaking skills. Tutorías is open to everyone at all levels of Spanish.

Events are held in La Comunidad, Kohl Hall. Check our calendar for specific locations.
Be on our listproc for further details and extra events!

Other Opportunities:

Romance and Classical Studies

The department's mission at the undergraduate level is to offer cultural, language and literature courses in French, Italian, Spanish and Classics, thereby allowing students to contextualize their reality and develop intercultural consciousness and skills to be used in various professional settings.

Latino Student Union (LSU)

Founded in 1972 with the purpose of the organization to stimulate the common interest, ensure the civil liberties and/or improve the quality of life for all Latinos. Achieved by the enhancement of Latino students through utilization of social, communicational, political, legal and cultural programs, activities and relationships whenever necessary to achieve those conditions. This organization places its priority on the enhancement of the student member.
LSU is open to everyone! No matter the race, gender, age, etc...WELCOME TO THE FAMILIA!

El Club de Español

The purpose of El Club de Español is to promote interest in Spanish and the cultures that speak it, to foster understanding of said cultures and to encourage the speaking of Spanish amongst native and non-native speakers of various levels. An activity the club has sponsored is the weekly charlas, a gathering of Spanish speakers which allows for a relaxed, low-pressure atmosphere for socialization not usually experienced in the classroom.

Some cultural excursions have included museum trips to exhibitions and Day of the Dead Activities at the Toledo Museum of Art. Two years ago, one of our most successful activities involved teaching Spanish to elementary school children which served as recruitment of future Spanish speakers as well as practice for future Spanish teachers.

Club is looking forward to getting involved in teaching English to local Spanish speakers, cooking nights to aid students in appreciating the varied types of foods of the Hispanic cultures, and a Movie Night which will provide opportunities to not only be exposed to the cultures, but also to exercise comprehension skills and provide for discussion of cultural issues.

Events are held mostly in La Comunidad, Kohl Hall. Check our calendar for specific locations. Be on our listproc for further details and extra events!