Multiple recent studies have affirmed the usefulness not only of studying a foreign language in college but of French as the most practical choice a student can make. French is the second international language and the only language other than English spoken on five continents. Proficiency in French, especially when coupled with a study abroad experience, will help you highlight your communication skills and multicultural understanding for future employers in a host of fields.

Career Opportunities

Mastering a foreign language can give students an edge in finding fulfilling careers in areas ranging from international organizations, government agencies, editing, and teaching to banking, companies involved in translation, import-export, tourism, computer science or any business with foreign contacts.
Students may add French to a major in the physical or social sciences, the arts or the humanities for purposes of research.


The undergraduate program for majors and minors includes courses in conversation, composition, phonetics, culture, literature, film, and business French. Culture and literature classes provide equal coverage of France and the Francophone world. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad with one of BGSU’s affiliated programs, and most majors spend an academic year in France, while those minoring in French tend to study abroad for at least a semester.Students who want to teach French in elementary or secondary schools should pursue the Bachelor of Science in Education program with a major or minor in French. This program requires a series of professional education courses, field and clinical experiences and supervised student teaching, leading to certification from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Students may fulfill the student teaching requirement in Montreal, Quebec, as well as in Ohio.
All programs in French require the completion of general education courses covering such areas as speech, sciences, arts and social sciences to provide a balanced education.

Special Features

The undergraduate curriculum has been specially designed to help students continue developing their language proficiency even as they move beyond the initial skills classes and into special topics and content classes.

Recent research and press about marketable job skills have increasingly highlighted the usefulness of foreign language proficiency and French in particular. Our program aims to offer students not only a traditional background in literature and culture, but also highly marketable employment skills with our new Applied Minor focusing on French for the Professions. In addition, BGSU offers an advanced elective course in Business French that gives students the chance to study administrative writing and commercial practices of France and the Francophone world. Students may prepare for the examination leading to a certificate from the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

La Maison Française (The French House)

La Maison Française is a residential learning community for students interested in French. Located in Kohl Hall, La Maison Française is designed to house up to 12 undergraduate male and female students who have had at least 2 years of high school French or FREN 1020 at BGSU. Click here for more info.

High School Preparation

Students who have taken two years of high school French usually have to complete two college courses in French before courses count toward the major. Students who come to college with four years of language in high school can usually move directly into the major.
Students who do not have high school preparation may take elementary and intermediate French at BGSU, perhaps in the accelerated summer program offered in Tours, France, where it is possible to complete four semesters of elementary and intermediate French in one summer.
Students should follow a college preparatory curriculum that included four units (credits) of English, three units of college preparatory mathematics, three units of science, three units of social studies, two units of the same foreign language and one unit of the visual or performing arts. Students who have not taken all these recommended courses may be required to take University courses to make up any deficiencies.

Sample Program

Following is a typical program for a student pursuing a major in French and a minor in business administration. Variations on the program given here are possible, particularly if the student does not spend one academic year abroad. The numbers in parentheses indicate credit hours.

First Year

English Composition (3-8)
Intermediate French (6)
Principles of Speech Communication (3)
Science and Mathematics courses (12)
Electives (12)

Second Year

French Conversation (3)
French Composition (3)
Elementary Statistical Methods (3)
Introduction to Management Information Systems (3)
Principles of Economics (6)
Introduction to Accounting (3)
Business Finance (3)

Third Year (study abroad in France)

French language studies (15)
French Literature: Advanced Studies (3)
French Civilization (3)
French Cinema (3)
Contemporary France (3)
French Art History (3)

Fourth Year

Francophone studies (3)
Career French (3)
Seminar in French (3)
Marketing (3)
Government and Business (3)
Introduction to Production and Operations Management (3)
Electives (6)

Undergraduate Advisor:

Dr. Deborah Schocket
213 Shatzel Hall



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