La Maison Française

Naslada Dinner 12.2014

La Maison Française update – March 2015

La Maison Française, or French House, learning community has found a new home in Kohl Hall this year. This location has allowed us to build connections with other learning communities, including La Comunidad, Global Village, and the Chapman Learning Community. We have enjoyed dinners and events together, but more important are the daily interactions among members of a larger Kohl community that is built around a shared passion for a variety of languages and cultures.     

Our regular activities in La Maison Française this year include:
* Movie nights twice a month
* Dinners once a month
* A weekly hour of Café Conversation, where we explore topics like:
       - Pop music in France
       - Parisian architecture
       - Francophone countries, like Morocco, Senegal, and Switzerland
       - Comic books in French
       - French slang
       - Holidays celebrated in France

We have co-hosted or participated in programs with other groups on campus:
* Celebration of Halloween/La Toussaint/Dia de los muertos with La Comunidad
* Mardi Gras and Fasching with the German Club
* Concert of WWI songs with the German and Russian Clubs
* Undergraduate Research Conference on the theme “Embracing Global Engagement”
* International Dinner hosted by the World Student Association
* African Peoples Association Dinner

We have enjoyed excursions off-campus that have allowed us to make connections throughout Northwest Ohio and beyond:
* Networking dinners with the Alliance Française of Toledo
* French movies at the Way Public Library in Perrysburg
* International Festival at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, with Global Village
* Cultural trip to New York City with Global Village, La Comunidad, and Chapman  Learning Community

Intl Dinner 11.2014