Part-time Studies


Do you need to earn a graduate degree in French to obtain licensure? To move up on the pay scale? To further your own personal goals? If so, Bowling Green State University may be just what you’re looking for.

Our regular French MA program, which enrolls students for a year in France followed by a year on campus, is well known and highly regarded. But working teachers do not have the option of full-time study during the school year, or of spending an entire academic year in France. Therefore, in response to demand from area teachers for alternative master’s degree options, the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at BGSU is now offering its program on a “teacher friendly” schedule.

You can now earn your master’s degree in 3 years through part-time study during the school year combined with summer study in France. Your schedule could resemble the projected sequence listed below:

  • Fall 1: 1 -2  courses on campus (3 - 6 hrs)
  • Spring 1: 1 course on campus (3 hrs)
  • Summer 1: July session in France (6 hrs)
  • Fall 2: 1 course on campus (3 hrs)
  • Spring 2: 1 - 2 course on campus (3 - 6 hrs)
  • Summer 2: July session in France (6 hrs)
  • Fall 3: 1 course on campus (3 hrs)
  • Spring 3: 1 course on campus (3 hrs)

Vouloir, c’est pouvoir…