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During the course of her career and after, Dr. Janis L. Pallister, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Romance Languages, earned an outstanding reputation in scholarly activities. She published six books, co-authored others and delivered 90 scholarly papers in the USA and abroad. Her interests were focused on French Renaissance and Baroque literature, black literature in romance languages, Canadian Francophone literature, Vietnamese literature in French, Francophone women film directors and Acadian film.

"The Pallister Francophone-Canadian Lecture Series showcases talent from French Canada, and explores French cultural experiences in the North American setting."

Pallister French-Canadian Lecture Series Speaker Spring 2017:

Kim Thúy

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"If a mark of afffection can sometimes be taken for an insult, perhaps the gesture of love is not universal: it too must be translated from one language to another, must be learned ---Ru, Kim Thúy

 Tuesday, March 28th  award-willing author Kim Thúy shared with us her unique journey from Vietnam as a homeless refugee and how she became an inspiring storyteller based on her many life experiences. Photos from her visit are below.

Born in Saigon in 1968 during the Tet Offensive, Montreal writer Kim Thúy left Vietnam with the boat people at the age of 10 and settled in Quebec, Canada as a refugee of war in 1979. A graduate in translation and law, when settled in Quebec she woked many jobs; seamstress, interpreter, lawyer, and restaurateur. Then came her first novel, Ru, a best-seller in Quebec and France and translated into over 25 languages, which gathered numerous literary awards, including the prestigious 2010 Governor General's Literary Award (Canada) and the 2010 Grand Prix RTL - Lire at the Salon du livre de Paris (France). The English edition of Ru won the battle of the books organized by Canada Reads and was declared "the" book to read in Canada 2015.

Author of Ru (2009), À Toi (2011), Mãn (2013), and Vi (2016), Kim Thúy continues to portray her many unique and powerful life experiences and memories of cross-cultural migration through her many novels.  


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