What We Do

IPRA offers a wide range of high quality, applied psychological services to organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Type of Work We Do

  • design and implement selection and recruitment systems
  • assess individual, team, and work group performance
  • train and develop individuals, teams, and departments
  • measure and improve job satisfaction, other employee attitudes, turnover, and absenteeism
  • program evaluation
  • workplace environment assessment
  • consult on equal employment opportunity and affirmative action issues
  • conduct job analyses and training needs assessment
  • organizational diagnosis and development
  • measure and improve customer service and satisfaction
  • implement and improve work teams
  • assess company image
  • consult on occupational health issues
  • assess and manage occupational stress
  • consult on quality improvement issues

Some Recent Projects (Completed in 2007-2008)

Project Title : Updating the Police Officer Performance Appraisal System
IPRA’s role:

The team updated the behavioral anchors used in the BGPD performance appraisal system, trained BGPD sergeants to use the new system, and created a performance appraisal manual.

Project Title : 360° Feedback Program Development and Implementation
IPRA’s role:

The IPRA team created and aided in the implementation of a 360° feedback program for an a client's executive team.  The IPRA team developed a reliable and useful 360° feedback instrument, analyzed and interpreted the results obtained from this instrument, created tailored reports for employees, created tools for employee development, trained personnel on all program components, and evaluated the program’s effectiveness

Project Title : Assessing the measurement equivalence of the Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) across languages
IPRA’s role:

The IPRA project team used the United States English measure as a reference point and compared it to measures adapted to other languages. The project team wrote a technical report and presented the results to Denison Consulting. Results of this project were used to aid the client in determining whether the DOCS can be used to measure organizational cultures across languages.

 Project Title : Additional Analyses for the BGeX Program Impact Report
IPRA’s role:

IPRA extended previous work on the BGeX program impact report. IPRA team members served as a panel of six expert raters, producing a new scoring key. The team assessed whether using this scoring key and a more sophisticated scoring routine would detect mean differences between the BGeX and non-BGeX groups.