Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego

Phone: (419) 372-2526
Lab Page: N/A

Research Interests:

  • Psychology of language
  • Language development
  • Semantic memory

Selected Publications:

Hare, M., Elman, J., Kelley, A., Gonce, L., & McRae, K (submitted). Integration of Event-based Knowledge and Morphogyntactic Cues in Childhood and Early Adolescence. Submitted to  Journal of Child Language.

Metusalem, R., Kutas,  M., Urbach, T.,  Hare, M., McRae, K., and Elman, J. (submitted). Generalized event knowledge activation during online sentence comprehension. Submitted to  Journal of Memory and Language.

Matsuki, K., Chow., T,., Hare, M., Elman, J.L., & McRae, K. (2011). Event-based plausibility  immediately influences on-line language comprehension. Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learn, Memory, & Cognition.

Hare, M., Jones, M., Thomson, C., Kelly, S., and McRae, K. (2009). Activating Event Knowledge. Cognition, 111, 151-167.

Hare, M., McRae, K., Tabaczynski, T., and Elman, J. (2009).  The wind chilled the spectators but the wine just chilled: Sense, structure, and sentence comprehension. Cognitive Science, 33, 610-628.

Kielar, A., Joanisse, M. F., and Hare, M. (2008). Priming English Past Tense Verbs: Rules or Statistics? Journal of Memory and Language, 58, 327-346.

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