Current Students

Clinical and Professional Activities

As an APA accredited clinical psychology program, we are required to document various aspects of our program each year. Information required for APA includes a summary of the professional activities of our clinical students including degree progress, clinical training experiences (e.g., total number of hours of assessment, intervention, and supervision) and research activities (e.g., conference presentations, publications). It is also important that clinical students keep an accurate record of their professional activities, particularly hours spent in clinical training (see Tracking Log below), as this information is needed for pre-doctoral internship applications. Systematically collecting information annually about the clinical and professional activities of our students is also central to monitoring and improving our clinical training program. We need to review the activities of the students in our program as a whole to guide our decisions about the clinical curriculum and to meaningfully plan for the future of our program.

We require that each student complete a clinical and professional activities form about their clinical and professional activities each summer about the prior AY until they graduate with a PhD.

Tracking log for Clinical Hours for APPIC internship applications:

Tracking Log

A Tracking Log is available for you to record details about your clinical hours. This Tracking Log maps directly onto the detailed information that you will need for APPIC internship applications. You should use this tracking log as soon as you start seeing clients your first year in the program and thereafter. During your first year, the DCT will hold a training session to help you use this tracking log and provide you with a manual that summarizes APPIC rules for tracking hours and addresses FAQ about systematically tracking hours at BGSU internal and external placements. Students should also become very familiar with requirements for internship early in their graduate career by going to the APPIC website. Students can use this Tracking Log to sum and report their total hours of assessment, intervention and supervision hours annually on the clinical and professional activities survey that they complete in May (see above).