Elizabeth Emley


Hi! I was born and raised in Ohio, and I completed my undergraduate training in psychology at Ohio University. As a clinical psychology student, my interests are broadly in health and wellbeing on both the individual and community level. More specifically, I am researching how social activism is associated with behavioral health outcomes like dietary intake and physical activity. My current project is exploring what opportunities students have to get involved in their communities and the beneficial outcomes associated with related activities. One of my career goals is to develop and implement health programs in the community, exploring what mechanisms are most likely to sustain health behavior change and putting that knowledge to use to help people live healthfully.

In Finding Balance in Emotions and Eating, I’m currently working on a project with data we collected in a lab study over the past couple years. I’m examining the relationship between mindfulness, cognitive defusion, emotional acceptance, and body image concerns to explore the potential benefits of greater psychological acceptance on body acceptance.


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Professional Presentations:

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