Community Psychology at BGSU

Clinical Community Jerome2


Students at BGSU can choose the clinical-community psychology concentration and specialize in a systems approach to helping and social change.  Graduate students in other areas of clinical psychology often decide to take clinical-community courses and placement to increase their abilities to assess and intervene at a systems level in their work and/or participate in research.

Our program provides a sound education in the theory and methods of psychology. We recognize the need for training clinical psychologists to perform in a range of professional roles.  In addition to completing departmental requirements, students are expected to obtain knowledge in clinical practice and research methods and to develop expertise in an area of specialization appropriate to their career interests.

Students who specialize in clinical-community psychology must complete all of the standard requirements for receiving a Ph.D. in Psychology at Bowling Green State University.  Students complete basic coursework and receive supervised training in clinical and community interventions.  Students are involved in a variety of research groups facilitated by faculty that provide experience in conducting basic and applied research.  Students are required to complete two independent research projects, a Master’s thesis and Doctoral dissertation, and have the option to complete additional independent research projects.  In the third and fourth years of training, students complete 20 hour per week placements in various clinical settings to enhance their clinical and community skills.