Psychology Graduate Students Advocating for Change Together


Who Are We?
 We are a psychology graduate student advocacy group at Bowling Green State University that aims to understand the unique needs of our fellow students and to initiate concrete actions toward meeting those needs. Based on our realization that some of the social and academic needs of our peers were not fully met, we initiated this student-directed, action-oriented group. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the lives and well-being of psychology graduate students.

Who Can Join? Membership is open to any psychology graduate student at BGSU.

When and Where Do We Meet? GradsACT meets the last week of every month. Specific dates and times are sent out via email the week before the meeting. Our meetings are always held in the Graduate Student lounge, room 408.


Primary Advisor: Catherine Stein (

President: LaNaya Anderson (

Vice President: Erin Dulek (

Treasurer: Michael Bailey (

GSS Representative: Lauren Dial (

GSS Representative: Rachel Wasson (


Annual Department-Wide Events:

Halloween Party

End-of-School Cookout

Current Projects:

Repainting the graduate student lounge

Creating a "Wellness" room (meditation, yoga, etc.)

Planning the end-of-school cookout


Recently Completed Projects:

Replacing old furniture in the graduate student lounge

Had receptacles placed in women's restroom stalls for feminine hygiene products

Hosting the Halloween party


Do you have comments or suggestions for GradsACT? Feel free to email us at

Spring Cookout 2017
Halloween Party 2017
Halloween Party 2017

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