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thomson family 

Dear Family Members:
On behalf of Interim Dean Dale Klopfer, Associate Dean Marcus Sherrell, the Academic Advisors, and the Student Services Staff in the College of Arts and Sciences, welcome to Bowling Green State University (BGSU)! As we begin the exciting journey of partnering with you and your student in the transition to college, we felt this information would be helpful with some of the questions and concerns that you may have. For example, the contents page can serve as an easy reference when seeking answers about what your student should expect during their first semester at BGSU and a resource for some of your most frequently asked questions. Presenting this information to the support system of our students is a small example of our investment in creating a culture of student responsibility toward the goal of a four-year graduation plan. We invite you to encourage your student to utilize the following key success tools toward that goal:

Checksheet: detailed, printable, major and degree outline

College of Arts & Sciences Handbook: college specific information condensed from the BGSU Undergraduate Catalog

Degree Audit Report System (DARS): electronic version of the checksheet with in-progress and remaining course requirements for degree requirements, available via MyBGSU portal

Graduation Plan: semester course suggestions for timely degree completion planning

Transitioning to college is a significant and complex event in your family. 

  • Encourage your students to ask questions and to seek out services on campus.
  • Provide a balanced approach to emotional support with your students as they adjust to their new environment. 
  • Students should schedule and attend both individual course meetings and homework times.
  • Encourage campus involvement; BGSU has many opportunities.
  • Remember, this is a transition process for families, too.

We are committed to assisting your students in becoming problem solvers, to critically analyze, communicate, and to take responsibility for their educational careers. Careful navigation through the college transition experience and effective utilization of the key tools noted above will result in meaningful transformation of students’ lives, in their families, citizenship and society.  

Once again, welcome to BGSU and best wishes as you begin this new adventure!


Lee Ann Koenigbauer
Director of Advising