New to BGSU: Media and Journalism Team up Together for Combined Writing and Broadcasting


New to BGSU: Media and Journalism team up together for combined writing and broadcasting course

By: Jillian Monczynski

            Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) Departments of Media Production and Studies and Journalism/Public Relations have started a new collaborative course. The course provides an opportunity for students to obtain hands-on experience and a taste of what a career in the field of broadcast journalism or television production would be like.

Ken Garland teaches the journalism side of the “Live News Cast Course.” The course focuses on reporting, script writing and attentive interviewing skills. The purpose of the class is to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary for news anchoring writing, and visual story telling.

From the Media Production and Studies department, Shanna Gilkinson teaches the production component of the collaboration, Gilkinson’s focuses on  directing, technical directing, audio and studio operations.

Each course is its own separate entity, but once a week these two courses unite and broadcast live.  Gilkinson’s students are behind the scenes directing and running the boards, while Garland’s students are in front of the camera reporting stories live.

            “I try not to refer to my class as a class, but more like a job or coming to work because that’s basically what we are trying to do. We are trying to replicate that kind of environment so that in essence our Thursday class is the actual production, while Tuesday is to prep for that,” explains Garland.

            The combined Live News Cast course is the first of its kind for the programs, providing students  a  real-world experience in a class. Because these courses have limited capacity, students gain personal attention and insight from the faculty members.

“This is a totally new way of teaching a class in these programs, so it’s an experiment that we are pretty excited about;  it’s going to more replicate the real-life experience if they decide to pursue TV news,” Gilkinson states.