Transferring Math Courses into BGSU

Using Courses Transferred into BGSU as Prerequisites for Math Courses

When a student transfers courses to BGSU, Transfer Evaluation Services in the Office of Registration and Records consults a list of standard transfer equivalencies to determine the BGSU course, if any, that the transferred course is equivalent to.  If one is found, it is listed with the appropriate BGSU department and course number, with the grade replaced by TR.  (Only courses with a C or better transfer.)  The list of equivalencies for Math courses is made up by a representative from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  Courses that transfer in as a specific BGSU course can be used to meet the prerequisite for Math courses, even though the grade listed is TR.

Established course equivalencies between different universities in Ohio can be checked at the online Course Applicability System.  Click on Guest Login and then the button for Course Equivalency Guides.

In some cases, no equivalent course can be determined, and so a course may transfer in as Math 1XX.  Such a course cannot be used to automatically satisfy the prerequisite for another Math course.  There are two main reasons for a course being transferred in as Math 1XXX.  First, the transferred course does not match the course at BGSU closely enough, either because the list of topics is not similar enough, or because the number of semester hours is less than the equivalent course at BGSU.  Second, the course being transferred may not have been on the list of transfer equivalencies.

A student who has a math course that transfers in as Math 1XX and needs to take a later Math course has a few options.  When on campus, it would be a good idea to take the Math Placement Test to try to place into the later course that is needed.  If the student does not score well enough, the student should re-take the prerequisite course, or re-take the placement exam after reviewing the material.  If there is sufficient reason to believe that the course should transfer in as a specific course at BGSU, the student's adviser should call Transfer Credit Evaluation at 419 372-7959 to ask if the course being transferred in is on the list of equivalencies, and if not, whether it can be added to the list.  Adding a course to the list will take a few weeks, as the course in question must be evaluated by the representative from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.   Note that if the course has fewer semester hours than the similar course at BGSU, it may not transfer in as a specific Math course.  While the course is being evaluated for transfer equivalency, it would be a good idea for the student to take the Mathematics Placement Test, in case the course does not ever transfer in as a specific BGSU course.

If a student is on campus for more than a few days, the student can challenge the way that the course was listed by taking appropriate evidence to Transfer Evaluation Services in the Office of Registration and Records.

If you have further questions, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics by calling 419-372-2636.