Math 2130/2150 Placement Test


To be successful in Math 2130 and Math 2150, students need to have strong arithmetic skills. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has developed a placement test that covers these topics. It is simply called the Math 2130/2150 Placement Test. This is the only placement test that addresses arithmetic skills. Students may also qualify to take Math 2130 or 2150 by getting a C or higher in Math 99.

About the test

The Math 2130/2150 Placement Test is a one-hour pencil and paper test with no calculators of any kind allowed. There are 30 questions with answer blanks for the students to write in their answers. There are no multiple-choice questions. The test is hand scored. Students could write answers in different forms and still be correct; for example, for some questions, both 1/4 and 0.25 would be acceptable.

You can see a set of practice problems here. The BGSU Math and Stats Tutoring Center has materials and tutors to help prepare for the placement test.

Taking the test

The Math 2130/2150 Placement Test will be offered in the fall semester on the third Thursday of September, the first and third Thursdays of October, the third Thursday of November, and the first Thursday of December, and in the spring semester on the third Thursday of January, February, March, and April.  All tests will be given in Room 210 of the Math Science Building from 7:30-8:30 PM. Most students will take the test at these times. Students with class conflicts on Thursday nights should contact Sandy Zirkes ( After she has verified that the student does have a conflict, she will make alternate test arrangements for that student. Regardless of when the test is taken, students should bring two pencils and a valid student ID. No student will be allowed to take the test without a valid student photo ID.

Results of the test

Students must get 80% of the questions correct in order to place into Math 2130/2150. The test may be re-taken twice, so that a student has a total of three attempts. After this, the student must enroll in Math 99 and get a C or higher before registering for Math 2130/2150. Math 99 covers essentially all the topics necessary for entry into Math 2130/2150.

Results from the test will be available three school days after the administration of the test. These results will be emailed to each student.

Note of advice

Please spend time preparing for the test so that you can pass in fewer attempts. More importantly, start taking the test as soon as possible (beginning in September), so that you have time to take and pass the test before you register for classes the next semester.