Explanation of Placement Codes

Mathematics Placement Codes and Their Interpretation

When an automated math placement is calculated or a student takes the math placement test, a numeric code is generated and stored on the student's electronic record.  Advisers with CSS (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) access can look up a student's math placement code.  Students may see this code on an unofficial transcript.  The basic correspondence between math placement codes and courses is this:

SIS Code 71 - Course MATH 1310H
SIS Code 61 - Course MATH 1310 or 1340
SIS Code 42 - Course BA 1600, MATH 1260 (or Math 1280, see below)
SIS Code 41 - Course MATH 1280
SIS Code 32 - Course MATH 1220
SIS Code 31 and below - Course MATH 1150 or Math 99*
*If you receive below a 22 on the Math portion of the ACT then you will automatically be placed in Math 99.
SIS Code 2 - No high school GPA available to make an automated placement
SIS Code 1 - No ACT/SAT math score available to make an automated placement

Students may take any course on this list that is at or below their math placement code.  For example, a student with a math placement code of 42 may take BA 1600, but could also elect to take MATH 1220. Note that BA 1600 is a higher placement than MATH 1280:  a student with a placement code of 41 can take MATH 1280, but not BA 1600.

Please note that students who need to take Math 1310 or 1340, Calculus I, (this includes Integrated Mathematics majors, Middle Childhood Mathematics majors, and Biology, Psychology, and other BS science majors) should not take BA 1600, Basic Calculus, even if their placement code is 42. The courses that lead to 1310/1340 are 99, 1220, 1280, then 1310/1340. Students may start wherever they place on this list. Students with a placement code of 42 would start with Math 1280.

Mathematics placements for the courses listed above will be strictly enforced by the registration system.  Students who believe their mathematics placement is lower than it should be are allowed to take the placement exam up to a total of three times.  The math placement test can be taken on campus at the Learning Commons by appointment only.  Students placed into Math 99 cannot take a placement exam.

Be aware that, depending on the program the student is following, the math course they should take may not be the highest course on the list that they are allowed to take. Please talk to your academic advisor.  

A new placement test has been developed for MATH 2130.

If you have questions about mathematics placement, please call us at 419-372-2636.