Data Science Program Requirements

The  Data Science specialization requires  three semesters of calculus (MATH 1310, MATH 2320, and  MATH 2330 or MATH 2350), linear algebra (MATH 3320), introduction to programming (CS 2010), probability and statistics I (MATH 4410), and regression analysis (STAT 4020).  In addition, the requirements include

  • MATH 2960 Introduction to Data Science.  This one-hour seminar would introduce freshmen students to a variety of data-science applications and give them an introduction to programming.
  • MATH 3430 Computing with Data.  This course will focus on the data wrangling and data exploration computational skills in the context of a modern computing language such as Python or R.
  • MATH 3440 Statistical Programming.  This course will focus on writing scripts and functions using a modern statistical language such as R.
  • MATH 4440 Statistical Learning.  This course deals with modern methods for modeling data including a variety of supervised and unsupervised methods.

In addition, the student will be asked to choose two of the following seven courses:

MATH 4320 Linear Algebra with Applications
MATH 4420 Probability and Statistics II
MATH 4470  Exploratory Data Analysis
CS 2020 Object-Oriented Programming
STAT 4440 Data Mining in Business Analytics
CS 4400 Optimization Techniques
CS 4620 Database Management Systems

Capstone Experience:

In addition, there will be a Capstone Experience in Data Science (MATH 4900).  The student will participate in a one to two-semester experience working with data to address questions in an applied discipline. 

Students will complete a capstone experience, generally in their senior years or the summer before their senior years. The capstone experience should provide the student with an opportunity to practice data science in an application area. This capstone experience can be fulfilled in one of several ways. The student will select an appropriate capstone experience among those listed below with the approval of his/her academic advisor or Math/Stat advisor in the case of a double major.


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