Admission Basics for Students New to BGSU

  • Both prospective on-campus and online BLS students will need to seek formal admission to Bowling Green State University (BGSU) if they have not already been admitted.
  • All prospective students, regardless of status, must submit an admissions application.
  • Choose the BGSU Application for Admission that best suits your needs.

You will want to leave plenty of time for the BGSU Application Admission process as course availability for the online Bachelor of Liberal Studies program may be limited for students being fully admitted to this program after August 8th for the fall, May 2nd for the summer, and December 27th for the spring semester. It is strongly recommended that the applicant allow ample time for previous institution transcripts to arrive before these dates. Once you are admitted you will be directed to a checklist that will guide you through the steps necessary for enrollment at BGSU.

Language Requirement

  • Students must complete two years of a language other than English in high school, or two college level semesters.
  • Newly admitted students' high school transcripts will be reviewed to determine if the requirement has been met.
  • Transfer students are exempt from the language requirement if they have completed 30 or more semester credit hours at their previous institution.
  • Continuing BGSU students should discuss how this requirement affects them with their advisor.

Returning BGSU Students