About Us

"If you approach each new person you meet in a spirit of adventure, you will find yourself endlessly fascinated by the new channels of thought and experience and personality that you encounter."
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Global Villagers consists of over 30 International and American students, from all majors and all class-standings. These residents are paired with those of a different cultural background, sharing a common living space. This unique and dynamic community is fueled by cross-cultural conversation, fun times, friendships, and by those moments of intrigue and discovery.

The Global Village, housed in Kohl Residence Hall, allows for easy access to the Carillon Dining Center, the Student Union, Jerome Library, and the Wolfe Center for the Arts.  In addition to the Global Village, Kohl is also home to the Chapman Learning Community and La Comunidad.  Starting in Fall 2014, it will also be home to Maison Française (the French House).

“The thing I love most about global village is learning how different people view the world and the sharing of culture when exploring those perspectives.”
—Current student
“As an international student, I love the trip and events...and having an American roommate is FUN!”
—Current Student