BGSU Campus

Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green has about 30,000 inhabitants. The focal point of the community is the university with its students. The city offers everything from small coffee shops to movie theaters to bars with live music and shopping malls. Bowling Green is within driving distance to larger metropolitan areas such as Toledo (20 minutes), Ann Arbor or Detroit (70 minutes), or Cleveland and Cincinnati (2 hours). It takes about four hours to drive to Chicago.

The University

Bowling Green State University is part of the Ohio state university system. It is located in Northwest Ohio, about 20 miles south of Toledo. The university offers an outstanding faculty committed to students, an appreciation for diversity, the newest technology, friendly students, and a balance of classroom and co-curricular activities.

Get the personal attention and involvement you'd expect at a smaller school, along with the expert faculty, first-rate facilities and technological resources of a major university. Its medium size (ca. 19,000 students, of which approximately 2,500 are graduate students) permits selective strength and diversity, but allows the faculty and administration to avoid the impersonal attitudes and atmosphere of a larger state university. Students at Bowling Green come from all fifty states and from over fifty foreign countries.

The university offers extensive electronic technology, including the Language Learning Center, which features the latest in digital learning materials. Jerome Library has an extensive selection of German books. Using Ohio Link, you can search and order books from all of Ohio right on your computer.

For diversion there are the Moore Musical Arts Center with its two concert halls, several theaters, the Gish Film Theater, the Student Recreation Center, and a School of Art.

Courses and Requirements

The Masters of Arts in German program is a two-year commitment culminating in a significant research project or thesis in literature, cultural studies or linguistics. The second year on the BGSU campus builds on the linguistic and intercultural competency developed during the first year. You will spend the second year of graduate study on the Bowling Green campus in Bowling Green, Ohio. At BGSU, you will take courses within the department and in related fields to complete your credit requirements (a minimum of 32 semester hours is required for the M.A. degree; at least 24 hours must be taken within the department). In addition, you must either write a thesis (plan I) or pass comprehensive exams (plan II) to complete your M.A. in German.

For students interested in a teaching career, the year at BGSU makes possible the exploration of contemporary approaches to teaching, “Teaching College German” (German 6700) and, on a competitive basis, the opportunity to teach over two semesters one’s own elementary German course while being supervised by a faculty member serving as T.A. Coordinator.

Candidates pursue graduate studies under one of the following two plans:

  • Plan I (thesis option): Candidates must complete 32 semester hours of graduate credit including a minimum of 24 hours of regular course work plus a thesis for which 6 semester hours of credit are granted. Plan I is recommended for those who expect to pursue a Ph.D. degree.
  • Plan II (non-thesis option): Candidates must complete 32 semester hours of graduate credit including a minimum of 24 hours of regular course work plus a final research project (involving a paper and an oral presentation) for which 3-6 semester hours of credit are granted.

Students under both plans must also demonstrate proficiency in German and generally complete the Austrian State Language Exam, das Österreichische Sprachdiplom. Students generally take the exam at the end of the second semester in Austria.