Accelerated MA 4+1

BGSU 4 + 1 Programs: Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees
Guidelines from the Graduate College

Bowling Green State University has a growing number of master’s degree programs, which can be achieved in a year following a bachelor’s degree. The following policies pertaining to the completion of 4 + 1 programs are helpful in assisting students and faculty advisors in the planning of a student’s progression from the bachelor’s to master’s program.

1. Many 4 + 1 programs (BA in 4 years + Master’s Degree in 1 year) are best completed in one year when an undergraduate student plans ahead and applies for Advanced Undergraduate Standing when they are seniors in order to enroll in some of the required master’s level courses during their senior year. The policies pertaining to Advanced Undergraduate Standing can be found in the Graduate Catalog. The most applicable policies state:

  • Student must apply to the Graduate College for admission as an advanced undergraduate student;
  • Student must be in Senior Status (having completed at least 90 semester hours of undergraduate work) during the term the requested courses are to be taken;
  • Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA;
  • Only courses at the 5000 and 6000 levels will be considered for fulfillment of the MA requirements.

2. A maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit taken as a BGSU advanced undergraduate student may be counted towards a master’s program subject to the approval of the master’s program.

3. A maximum of 6 credit hours may be counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degree.

4. All graduate regulations pertaining to transfer of credit from other institutions and other policies in the Graduate Catalog are also applicable to 4 + 1 programs.

5. A student who is approved for the classification of advanced undergraduate may not register for more than nine semester hours of graduate course work in any one semester.

6. At the end of both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree, a student must have a minimum of 150 credit hours (120 + 30 = 150/state of Ohio regulations).

7. The classification of advanced undergraduate is not equivalent to admission to any particular graduate degree program. Advanced undergraduate students wishing to continue their studies as graduate students must apply for admission to their desired graduate degree program.

Program Check Sheet for the Completion of the degree in


The MA in German program is designed as one academic year with 9 credits of the graduate degree completed during the student’s senior year for a total of 32 credits.

Students wishing to complete the master’s degree must first apply and be accepted into the graduate program.

N.B. It is recommended that the candidates in the 4 + 1 program choose to spend their senior year at the University of Salzburg on BGSU’s academic year abroad program in Austria.

Hrs Course title Note
3 GERM 6010 Introduction to Graduate Studies in German Taught in Salzburg & req.
3 GERM 6210 Survey of German Literature I Taught in Salzburg & req.
3 GERM 6220 Survey of German Literature II Taught in Salzburg & req.
3 GERM 6700 Teaching College German Req’d for GTAs
3 GERM  6800  Seminar in German Studies Req’d
14 GERM electives:

GERM 5150  German Film (3 cr.)
GERM 5170  Advanced Composition and Conversation (3)
GERM 5190  German Drama Workshop (3)
GERM 5450  Writer and Work (2)
GERM 6030  Translation (German-English) (2-3)
GERM 6040  Translation (English-German) (2-3)
GERM 6150  German Culture and Civilization (3)
GERM 6160   Contemporary Germany (3)
GERM 6170  Advanced Grammar and Stylistics I (3)
GERM 6180 Advance Grammar and Stylistics II (3)
GERM 6890  Internship in German (usually offered only in Salzburg) (1-6)
3 GERM 6980  Readings for Comprehensive Exams
GERM 6990 Thesis Research