Chinese Club

The Chinese Club (中国文化社) is a student organization at Bowling Green State University. We are committed to promoting awareness of Chinese culture to the BGSU community through cultural and social activities. We do everything from hosting traditional tea ceremonies, screening Chinese films, cooking Chinese meals, hands-on paining and calligraphy demonstrations to participating in Chinese festivals. We welcome everyone who is interested in China, Chinese language, and Chinese culture. We hope you will join us – explore the culture and meet new friends! Please like/follow us on Facebook/Twitter: BGSU Chinese Club. Feel free to contact us through this email

President: Morgan Savage
Treasurer: Gary Tsun Tsin Leung

Secretary: Jane Powell 
Vice President: Layne Higginbotham
Public Relations: Adam Roberts 
Faculty Advisor: Yiju Huang

Fall 2014 Schedule

Study Abroad Event: TBA