Specialized Sections

In addition to our core courses, University Writing Program also offers the following specialized sections to incoming students:

Chapman Learning Community Sections 
These sections are taught in Kohl Hall as part of the learning community core courses.  Students learn to connect their writing to community service activities and projects.

Arts Village Learning Community Sections 
The Arts Village sections of UWP involve exploring all aspects of the arts and sharing views with one another through writing, activities, collaborative projects, and social events.

Honors Program Sections
Students in the University’s Honors Program can enroll in themed sections of UWP courses.  The topics for these sections vary considerably each semester, from examining the impact of war to exploring “The American Dream,” and allow students to conduct in-depth research and write on topics that truly inspire them.

Educators in Context and Community (ECCO) 
The ECCO program is a unique creation for education majors who are interested in teaching and allows students to focus their writing assignments on issues surrounding the field of education.