Service-Learning Sections

This page is dedicated to showcasing how sections of University Writing Program have partnered with various organizations.

UWP faculty have partnered with numerous organizations to promote writing situations outside of the classroom and involve specific audiences for the writing. The National Council of Teachers of English extend this idea in the 2016 position statement in the "NCTE Beliefs About the Teaching of Writing:"

Writing instruction must include ample in-class and out-of-class opportunities for writing, including writing in digital spaces, and should involve writing for a variety of purposes and audiences, including audiences beyond the classroom. Teachers need to support students in the development of writing lives, habits, and preferences for life outside school. We already know that many students do extensive amounts of self-sponsored writing: emailing, keeping journals or doing creative projects, instant messaging, making websites, blogging, creating fan fiction. Though critically important for college and career, the teaching of writing should also be geared toward making sense in a life outside of school, so that writing has ample room to grow in individuals’ lives. It is useful for teachers to consider what elements of their curriculum they could imagine students self-sponsoring outside school. Ultimately, those are the activities that will produce more writing.

View the full position statement from the NCTE.

Students in UWP courses have engaged in multiple forms of service learning, including:

  • Partnering with the Putnam County Educational Service Center to create effective promotional brochures.
  • Working with the Wood County Humane Society to write the Bi-annual newsletter that is distributed to over 3,000 Community members.
  • Collaborating with BG Community Gardens and BGSU's Office of Sustainability & Dining Services to explore how their food choices affect health and wellness, culture awareness, local economies, communities, environment, and core values.
  • Coordinating with the local chapter of the Silent Witness Project and with Alicia’s Voice to act against domestic violence.