GSW 1120

GSW 1120, a three-hour academic course that is required of all students at Bowling Green State University, is designed to prepare students for the types of academic writing they will be expected to do in college. Therefore, the emphasis in GSW 1120 is on the development of critical and analytical skills that are used in both writing and reading. In order to help students develop these valuable skills, the course assists students through the process of writing critiques of academic articles, argument essays which synthesize multiple sources, and academic research papers.

As students work on their various 1120-level assignments, they acquire practice with the following, at a more sophisticated level than is expected of students taking GSW 1100 or GSW 1110:

  • choosing and narrowing topics
  • navigating BGSU's libraries
  • selecting and evaluating appropriate sources
  • writing to a variety of academic audiences
  • considering the role visual rhetoric and other technologies play in their papers
  • writing several necessary drafts to arrive at a polished, coherent final draft
  • citing sources appropriately
  • using acceptable documentation format

Questions regarding GSW 1120 may be directed to the General Studies Writing Office at 419-372-7885.