GSW 1100

GSW 1100: Intensive Introduction to Academic Writing

GSW 1100 provides students directed writing instruction on strategies for developing persuasive academic writing:

  • selecting and narrowing topics that engage and have meaning for both writer and audience
  • incorporating references to source material as a means of adding voice through writing to a larger conversation
  • producing, revisiting, and revising multiple drafts of a project
  • using citation effectively
  • developing confidence speaking about writing

GSW understands writing as social, rhetorical, and action-based intellectual work. This understanding means:

  • writing to a variety of audiences
  • writing with a variety of purposes and  genres
  • writing across modalities

GSW 1100 is a 5-credit-hour course and is taught by some of the Programs most experienced faculty.
Upon passing GSW 1100, students enroll in GSW 1120.

Fall 2016 GSW CBCs

Fall 2016 CBCs 
General Studies Writing is fortunate to have several course-based consultants—or CBCs as we like to refer to them—who participate as in-course Learning Commons consultants. Each consultant is a GSW alum so to speak who is passionate about supporting student writing development. CBCs support 1100 students through one-on-one writing conferences as part of their regular 1100 class meetings. (from left to right): Judah Kania, Olivia Zolciak (CBC Coordinator and Mentor), Samantha Nousak, Rachel Bediako (CBC Mentor), Sydney Von Holten (CBC Mentor), Ian Rafferty, Lauren Lewis, Alexandra Butler, Savannah Lamp.