BYO-Laptop Sections

Students of UWP laptop sections can look forward any of the following activities in the classroom:

  • In-class time devoted to writing.
  • Networked writing and collaborated writing.
  • Peer-review sessions with student writing.
  • Ease of connection to common digital spaces like class blogs, Canvas, etc.
  • Interactive writing exercises.
  • Grammar instruction.
  • Interactive use of eTextbooks.
  • Hands-on online research.
  • Hands-on instruction with research methods and the use of electronic databases like the library, EBSCO, etc.
  • Connection to other online databases to further research options.

In addition to these activities, students of laptop sections enjoy many benefits:

  • Saving drafts to their laptop computers.
  • Connecting to a wireless Internet easily.
  • Saving research to their laptop computers.
  • Accessing and cross-referencing other class notes.