Course Information

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The University Writing Program offers a series of scaffolded courses. Each course provides an opportunity for students to develop effective argumentative writing with the support of experienced writing faculty who are invested in their success. 

The goal for each of our classes is to produce writers who feel additionally confident writing in a variety of situations and for a range of purposes across the disciplines. We approach writing as social, rhetorical, action-based intellectual work.   

In fall 2019, GSW courses will transition to the following UWP courses

Offered in Fall, Spring. WRIT 1010 provides students enrolled in WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing the opportunity to practice a range of rhetorical strategies and habits useful to creating writing that has meaning to a range of academic audiences. Students work closely with their instructor in a workshop setting and gain experience applying these rhetorical strategies and habits to the writing projects assigned for WRIT 1110. Linked with WRIT 1110. UWP placement. Graded ABC/NC.

WRIT 1010 Course at BGSU

Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer. WRIT 1110 provides a theoretical and practical foundation for college writers and lays important groundwork for future academic reading and writing experiences. This workshop-based course explores diverse intellectual practices associated with effective writing, including analyzing and producing genres, investigating individual writing processes, and reflecting on one's learning with an eye toward transferring writing knowledge to new situations. Students explore and experience how writing works in worlds they inhabit by composing digital, visual, narrative, and expository arguments. UWP placement. ABC/NC.

Offered in Fall, Spring, Summer. WRIT 1120 builds on foundational understandings of academic reading and writing with a focus on inquiry-based writing. By engaging a range of writing tasks, both informal and formal, students pursue person- and library-based research writing that has meaning to them personally. Students also continue to build confidence as readers, writers, and critical thinkers, adding their voices to ongoing conversations. Using a workshop approach, students practice strategies for representing, through reflective writing, their research and composing processes to a range of audiences. UWP placement. Graded ABC/NC.