Dan Bommarito


Assistant Professor

410 East Hall

Degrees and Institutions

          Ph.D. Rhetoric, Composition & Linguistics, Arizona State University  
          M.A. English (Composition Studies), University of Missouri-Saint Louis
          B.A. English, University of Missouri-Columbia

Area: Rhetoric & Writing

Research Interests: Graduate writing; composition theory and pedagogy; rhetorical theory; sociocultural theory; collaboration; language and writing    

Courses Taught

           ENG 3810: Grammar and Writing 
           ENG 6210: Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing as a Discipline
           ENG 7240: Rhetorical Theory

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Bommarito, D. V., & Cooney, E. (2018). “Criteria mapping” activities and the transformation of student-teacher relations in the composition classroom. In Suzanne Blum Malley et al. (Eds.), Translingual Pedagogical Perspectives, pages forthcoming. Logan: Utah State University Press.

Bommarito, D. V., & Chappelow, B. (2017).  A writing-about-writing approach to first-year composition. Syllabus 6(2), pages forthcoming.

Bommarito, D. V. (2017). Students should learn about the logical fallacies. In C. Ball & D. Loewe (Eds.), Bad ideas about writing (168-173). Morgantown, WV: Digital Publishing Institute.

Bommarito, D. V., Matsuda, P. K., Liu, J., Racelis, J., Wu, T., & Xia, J. (2017). Doing collaborative research: Challenges and opportunities. In H. Rose & J. McKinley (Eds.), Doing research in applied linguistics: Realities, dilemmas, solutions (47-58). London: Routledge.

Bommarito, D. V. (2016). Collaborative research writing as mentoring in a U.S. doctoral program. Journal of Writing Research 8(2), 267-299.

Bommarito, D. V., & Cooney, E. (2016). Cultivating a reflective approach to language difference in composition pedagogy. Composition Studies 44(2), 39-57.

Bommarito, D. V., & Matsuda, P. K. (2015). Constructivism. In J. M. Bennet (Ed.), Sage encyclopedia on intercultural competence (116-119). Boston: Sage.

Bommarito, D. V. (2014). Tending to change: Toward a situated model of affinity spaces. E-Learning and Digital Media 11(4), 406-418.

Works in Progress

Bommarito, D. V., & Chappelow, B. Voicing student attitudes in writing-about-writing courses: A comparative study. [article under review]

Bommarito, D. V. Research writing as an adaptive challenge: Toward a rhetorically-based approach to supervisory feedback. [book chapter under review]

Bommarito, D. V., & Hannah, M. A. The neglected “co”: Theorizing unequal partnerships, expanding collaborative capacities. [article under review]